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Frequently Asked Questions

Our clients often have questions about the safety of our face paints and how our services will work along side other activities which they have planned for their party or event so to help you out, we've included the most frequently asked questions and our answers, below.
Do your face paints comply with EU cosmetic regulations?
Yes, all our face paints comply with EU cosmetic regulations and have been designed for professional use.

What about allergies?  Water based?
Our face paints are all water based and hypoallergenic.

Are face paints easily removed?
Yes, our face paints can be removed with soap and water but we recommend removal with sensitive baby wipes in order to avoid potential contact with eyes.  We also recommend face painting for children aged 3 and over.

How does face painting fit in with the other aspects of my child's party?
Face painting can be done for the duration of your party and work around other entertainment, eating etc.  We can adapt to the format of your individual party.  We paint one child's face at a time so every child can have their face painted without disruption to any other entertainment or food.  We also ensure that there is no queuing and that children are not having to miss the fun by standing in line to have their faces painted.

Can you cater to any specific theme for my child's party?
We can cater to any theme your child chooses for their party.  Our repertoire includes all Disney characters, animals, super heroes, princesses, fairies etc.  We will take details of all your requirements at the time of booking and will do all we can to accommodate any special requests you may have.

How many children can have their faces painted in an hour?
We can paint 10-12 faces per hour with one face painter.  We will advise you when you book as to what package is right for your party or event.  We can be flexible to work with your needs.

What about extras? Tattoos etc. and how long does this take?
As well as face painting, we can offer balloon modelling, temporary tattoos, hair spray colour and, for other children, make up and nail art.  Depending on the number of children attending the party and time allowed, we can build this into the party.

Can you cater to adults or older children?  Do you do pamper parties etc.?
Face painting for adult parties is becoming very popular at the moment.  For older children and adults we can offer more intricate and smaller designs that don't cover the whole face.  We also offer 'Pamper Parties' for older children, to include nail art and make-up in addition to traditional face paint, colour hair spray and temporary tattoos.

Which areas to you cover?
We offer our services throughout Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Berkshire.

Do you have insurance and carry out risk assessments?
We have complete Public Liability insurance and can also provide thorough risk assessment for larger parties and corporate events.  Our company policy is that a child is never face painted alone or without parental consent.  In a party setting we insist that the adult responsible for the children is present at all times.
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